Maanantaista 18.lokakuuta alkaen Iitti Golfin toimisto palvelee klo 10-14.


There is plenty to do for the large and small alike: the amusement park contains over 40 rides and games and there are fun shows on the outdoor stage throughout the summer. The amusement park is located in a scenic location atop a wooded hill. The environment is clean, and the services are designed for families with children. Easy meals are available in the kiosks and restaurants of the park. Older children can be allowed to roam their own routes safely. Spend a memorable amusement park day! Accommodation services are located within easy reach beside the adjacent Käyrälampi lake in the camping area in the hotels in the centre of Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Amusement Park
Address: Kanuunakuja 2, 45200 Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Aquapark
Address: Käyrälammentie 20, 45200 Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Actionpark
Address: Kouvolan Prismakeskus, Tommolankatu 9, 45130 Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Camping
Address: Käyrälammentie 22, 45200 Kouvola

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