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Come and experience our beautiful and idyllic Niskaportti golf course. Book your teetime, contact info, opening hours.

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Come and experience our beautiful and idyllic Niskaportti golf course. Have a relaxing moment in the countryside and feel the easy-going atmosphere. Take a cup of coffee and enjoy the sun on the terrace. Iitti Golf Summer Café serves during opening hours through the summer season.

Book your teetime:

The tee off groups are timed 10 minutes apart.

Welcome to Iitti Golf

Iitti Golf Niskaportti 18-hole golf course is located in the beautiful rural scenery between two lakes. History of the area reaches all the way to the 1600s. There is room for you even on a short notice. The course offers challenges for players of various levels. Green fees are affordable.

The distance to Iitti from Kouvola is 25 km, from Lahti 45 km and from Helsinki 145 km. Accommodation is available next door or in the vicinity. We are glad to help you with accommodation and transfers.

Iitti Golf offers a practice area, greens for putting and chipping and also practice bunkers.

  • Driving range: The ball dispenser at the driving range accepts bank- and credit cards as well as chargeable cards and tokens. With the exception of the range area, players are required to use their own balls.

Always check in at the Caddiemaster’s office before the game.

  • The office offers toilet facilities and you are welcome to fill up your water bottle outside the building. It is recommendable to make a reservation for a golf cart in advance. The keys are available at the office. Golf trolleys are included in the fee.

The groups are timed 10 minutes apart.

  • Please be punctual but leave also enough time for a group ahead to ensure safety. The game starts normally from the first tee, but on certain days (tuesdays) also from tee 10. Please ensure the correct starting location from the Caddiemaster’s office.

  • Each fairway has a board displaying maps, distances and the location of obstacles. The distances to the centre of the green are marked in the middle of each fairway at distances of 200 and 100 metres. On fairway 8 please ring the bell when leaving the green. Dry toilets are available after the fourth, 11th and 14th fairway. Regular toilets are available after 7th and 9th fairway (at the summer cafe/caddiemaster's office).

The Niskaportti Summer Cafe

Our idyllic summer cafe is located after the 9th fairway providing the opportunity to enjoy a few-minute break. After the 9th fairway, please have 10 minute long break before continuing the game. You may follow the game from the terrace and continue your game once the group ahead has advanced enough.


Contact info

Iitti Golf Niskaportti

Iitintie 684
47400 Kausala

The Caddiemaster's Office

tel. +35829 1700757

The caddiemaster's office and summer cafe is open:
Monday - sunday XX-XX (please note subject to change following weather conditions)

Green fees:

47 € 18 holes

37 € 9 holes

30 € 18 holes*

*every day after 5 pm or if the caddiemaster's office's closed.

Green fee includes a trolley.

The course is suitable for all golfers, but you need to have a green card to be able to play. In order to play one must have a membership to a golfclub.